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Book Launch: Once Upon a Time in Birmingham

By October 18, 2018 Guest Blogs, New Releases

This year we commemorate the centenaries for the end of the First World War and the success of the Suffragette movement getting some women the vote – partial franchise in which women over 30 who met certain criteria were granted this right. To celebrate and remember these important parts of British history, the Birmingham Remembers Campaign was launched. Once Upon a Time in Birmingham: Women Who Dared to Dream has been created as part of this campaign. On the penultimate day of the Birmingham Literature Festival, this inspiring book was launched at an event hosted by the Birmingham Rep.

The book was created and curated by Writing West Midlands and author Louise Palfreyman for The Emma Press, a female-run publisher. It features 30 women, from the present and past, who lived or have some link to Birmingham – all of these women are trailblazers within their professions, followed their dream fighting everything that was thrown at them, and most of all are role models for the next generation of young women and girls. Therefore, it is only fitting that the collection of women featured in this book were chosen by young people.

Introducing the event, Bridget Jones, Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council, explained that at the beginning of this project they crowdsourced suggestions of women who dared to dream and received an extensive longlist. In order to compile the final shortlist of women who would feature in the book, they enlisted the help of the Spark Young Writers Group. The author, Louise Palfreyman, explained that because this book is aimed at young women and girls, they wanted their readership to have the final say on which great women filled the pages.

Fiona Allan, Chief Executive and Artistic Director of the Birmingham Hippodrome, a self-confessed feminist was the host of the event and was joined on stage, in true chat show style, by flocks of people all involved in the book’s creation. First to join Allan on stage were the author Louise Palfreyman and Michelle Turton, who was responsible for bringing some of the 30 women in the book to life in vivid illustrations.

Fiona Allan then beckoned a group of Spark Young Writers onto the stage. Each girl read out a profile from the book about one of the women, all of whom were also in the room ready to come on stage after this reading.

PC Andrea Reynolds, Asha Devi, Clare Rowland, Raj Holness, and Professor Pam Kearns, all of whom you can read more about in the book, joined Fiona on stage to tumultuous applause. During their interview, their answers all reflected the same ideas, that they were truly honoured to be included in this book, and that it was even more important given that the list was chosen by girls, who are the future of female. Andrea stated, “Be the change you want to see and encourage change in young people.”


This is a guest blog, reproduced with kind permission from Books Bird

New Bill Bryson Book Exploring the Human Body Coming in the Autumn

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Fans of Bill Bryson will be thrilled to hear that later this year, Transworld is to publish a brand new book from the author. The Body: A Guide for Occupants will be published in October and is promised to be “an extraordinary exploration of the human body which will have you marvelling at the form you occupy”.

Anyone familiar with Bryson’s writing will know that this book will bring us interesting facts in his own unique and charismatic voice. The book will be a successor to Bryson’s 2010 book A Short History of Nearly Everything and will help readers “understand the miracle of our physical and neurological make up”, according to a press release from the publisher.

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Jeanette Winterson’s Frankenstein for the Modern Age – Frankissstein

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was first published in January 1818 but over 100 years later this story of a doctor creating artificial intelligence still resonates with readers.

In May this year, Jonathan Cape, an imprint of Penguin Random House, is publishing an exciting new re-write of Shelley’s gothic tale. Written by Jeanette Winterson, of Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit fame, the new book is titled Frankissstein. A love story set in a Brexit Britain, Frankissstein features a young transgender doctor called Ry who is falling in love with Victor Stein, a professor leading the debate surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). Read More

New Book from Malala Yousafzai Tells Stories of Refugees

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Out this week is a brand new book from Nobel Peace Prize winner and activisit Malala Yousafzai. The book is part memoir, part communal storytelling and charts her experience travelling the world and visiting refugee camps.

We Are Displaced was released on 8th January and is already reported to be selling well and on sale in many countries in the world already including the UK, US and India.

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Zadie Smith to Publish Her First Short Story Collection Next Year

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Zadie Smith shot to fame in the year 2000 with the release of her first novel White Teeth. Four novels later and the author has announced that she plans to publish her first short story collection next year in 2019.

Called Grand Union, the collection will include ten brand new short stories as well as several of her best previously published stories. As The Book Seller reports, Grand Union will weave old and new stories together and, as Smith’s publisher states, will offer “a wise, playful and richly varied portrait of the world as seen by the one and only Zadie Smith”.
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Tom Fletcher to Publish Sequel to the Chistmasaurus

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The Christmasaurus was a resounding success and one of the biggest children’s books of 2016 and now it’s announced that Tom Fletcher is writing a sequel and it’s to be published by Puffin Books later in 2019.

The sequel to Fletcher’s debut novel will be called The Chirstmasaurus and the Winter Witch and will be written by Tom Fletcher and illustrated by Shane Devries. The events in the book take place one year after the first book when William Trundle is swept back into the North Pole where he meets the Winter Witch.

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John Le Carré’s New Novel Will Focus on ‘Division and Rage’

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He may be 87 years old, but John Le Carré shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to writing. His upcoming novel, Agent Running, will be set in London in 2018 and will tackle “the division and rage at the heart of our modern world.”

According to publisher Viking, the novel follows a 26-year-old “solitary” man who, “in a desperate attempt to resist the new political turbulence swirling around him, makes connections that will take him down a very dangerous path.” Agent Running will be Le Carré’s 25th novel and is set to be released next year in October.
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