Exciting new illustrated Editions – The Definitive Good Omens

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First published in 1990, Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s witty and brilliant collaboration, Good Omens is still extremely popular nearly 30 years later. It has so far been adapted into a BBC radio series, and a TV series from Amazon Studios and BBC Worldwide, starring David Tennant as Crowley and Michael Sheen as Aziraphale, which is due out this year.

Now, Paul Kidby, the artist who often worked with the late-great Terry Pratchett has illustrated “a new definitive text, agree by Neil Gaiman and the Terry Pratchett Estate” to create five stunning new editions of the fantasy novel.

Each of the five new editions includes full-colour illustrations from Paul Kidby who explains that “creating artwork based directly on Terry and Neil’s text has been an enjoyable challenge that I had been hoping to undertake for nearly thirty years.” The website, Good Omens Illustrated which announced these new editions, added, “Paul has adhered closely to the text of the original book rather than the screenplay to design the characters, with the exception of Crowley and Aziraphale, who bear an uncanny resemblance to their television counterparts.”

The Standard Edition is a hardback book with 12 colour illustrations and 5 pencil illustrations. It can be pre-ordered from Discworld.com for and RRP of £30 and the publication date is 4th April. The Standard Edition is also available on Amazon however, the publication date appears to be later in April.

The Standard Edition – Good Omens

Also published on the 4th April and available to pre-order from Discworld.com, the Slipcase Edition has an RRP of £75. As the name suggests, this edition is a hardcover book with a slipcase and has 12 colour and 5 black and white illustrations. With the Slipcase Edition you will also receive a numbered tipped-in sheet signed by Paul Kidby.

Slipcase Edition

The Occult Edition is limited to 1655 copies, has an RRP of £95 and is due to be published on 20th June. The Occult Edition is a hardback book with red page edges which is housed inside a clamshell box. It has 17 colour illustrations as well as additional pencil drawings. Like the Slipcase Edition, buyers will receive a numbered tipped-in sheet signed by Paul Kidby.

The Ineffable Edition which will also be published on 20th June has an RRP of £295 and is limited to 666 copies. A hardback with gold page edges in a deluxe presentation box, it has 17 colour illustrations and additional pencil illustrations, and it comes with a numbered tipped-in sheet signed by Paul Kidby. Buyers will also receive a separate Good Omens Folio of Ephemera which includes; maps, documents, prophecy cards, additional artwork, plus some exciting surprises.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Celestial Edition which is limited to 24 copies and is “Price on Application”. A leather-bound book with golf foil edged pages in an artisan presentation box. It has the same illustrations as the Occult and Ineffable Editions but each copy is individually hand printed and bound. Buyers will also receive a named tipped-in sheet, each corresponding to a letter of the Greek Alphabet – one for each of the 24 copies – and these are signed by Paul Kidby and Neil Gaiman. What’s more, like the Ineffable Edition, you will receive a Folio of Good Omens ephemera. This edition is also published on the 20th April, however, due to the nature of the book, the production time may vary.

“Every effort is made to dispatch books as quickly as possible, but we cannot be held responsible for unforeseen delays, including but not limited to postal issues, Brexit and Armageddon,” write goodomensillustrated.com

For more information, including FAQs and pre-order links, head to the dedicated webpage for “the definitive Good Omens.”

A Peek at Aziraphale’s Bookshop Ahead of Good Omens Adaptation

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Hands up if you’re excited for the Good Omens adaptation? It’s going live on May 31st on Amazon Prime! We can hardly contain our excitement and today we’re being shown around Aziraphale’s bookshop from the adaptation by Neil Gaiman in a fantastic 360 video.

Just press play and drag your screen around to look around the entire bookshop, and make sure you have the volume up, as Neil is telling us all about the features inside. Listen out for the Pratchett tribute too!

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6 Brilliant Suspense Novels by New Authors to Read This April

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The crime and suspense thriller genre is hot property right now thanks to authors like Val McDermid, Gillian Flynn, Karin Slaughter and others. The genre is hot, and as such it’s difficult to break into but today we’re recommending six suspense/crime novels by debut authors that we think are worth your time!

All of these novels are by debut authors, and they should all have you on the edge of your seat from the very first page, as all the best suspense novels do!

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Powerful photo book record shows destruction of ‘America’s playground’.

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A photo book has been compiled by a photographer, Brian Rose, to showcase the dramatic change Atlantic City has gone through since the 1990s.

When the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City was opened in March 1990, it was declared “the eighth wonder of the world” by the owner. Despite the fact it was in deep debt before it had even opened, Donald Trump declared it the saviour of Atlantic City. Unfortunately the insurmountable debt would never be overcome, and Trump’s promises were unfounded. The casinos went from employing thousands and bringing in a third of the city’s gambling revenues to being accused of money laundering and being prepared for demolition. The city soon became a ghost town when the casinos collapsed under the weight of their own unsustainable economics, and many who helped set it up have still not been paid for their work.

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The World Atlas of Gin Coming Later This Year

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Gin sales are at record levels and it’s the big drink of the moment. Flavoured gin, gin festivals, it’s the revival no one knew! And if you love books and gin, then later this year The World Atlas of Gin is coming, a book about the booming gin scene around the globe.

The book will be published worldwide in several languages and is due for release in September of this year.

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The World of ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ to be Expanded in Upcoming Novel

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Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth was released back in 2006 and took moviegoers on a dark and twisted fairy take adventure which told the story of a young girl who discovers a labyrinth filled with magical creatures and dangerous monsters. The movie was critically acclaimed upon release and has since become regarded as one of the finest films of the 00’s. If you love del Toro’s film then you’ll be pleased to learn he’s teamed up with the New York Times bestselling author Cornelia Funke to adapt the film into a fantasy novel, complete with detailed illustrations and an even deeper look into the film’s lore.

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Joni Mitchell Artwork and Poetry to be Published in 2019

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Joni Mitchell is a Canadian folk-pop legend best known for her award-winning songwriting and multidimensional approach to music. Her style never settled on ‘just’ folk or pop, jazz or rock and roll, and gained her fans from all over the music world.

As well as songwriting, Mitchell is an artist in other ways. Her poetry, drawings, and paintings are soon to be released to the public in a brand new anthology. The book, Morning Glory on the Vine: Early Songs and Drawings, is a must-have for Joni Mitchell fans as it includes hand-written lyrics and paintings. The anthology was created originally as a Christmas gift for close friends and family in the year her album Blue topped the charts.

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Definitive Insider Account of Theresa May Coming Later This Year

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Official Downing Street historian Anthony Seldon is to publish a definitive insider account of Theresa May’s time in power later this year. The historian and social commentator “will tell the compelling inside story of the most turbulent period in modern British politics for 100 years”.

May at 10 will be the latest in his series of books on British Prime Ministers by the historian and “It will describe how Theresa May arrived in 10 Downing Street in 2016 with the clearest, yet toughest, agenda of any Prime Minister since the Second World War: delivering Brexit,”.

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Sophie Kinsella to Release New Shopaholic Book

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Since the first book in the Shopaholic series ‘The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic’ was released by Sophie Kinsella in 2000 fans have loved Becky Bloomwood and devoured the books. To date, eight books have been released but the last novel in the series Shopaholic to the Rescue came out back in 2015, a whole four years ago. If you’ve been hoping there’ll be another instalment then we have some great news for you today!
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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Finally has a Release Date

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When the Harry Potter illustrated series by Jim Kay was first announced we were promised a book a year, making buying Christmas presents very easy! However, when it came to the Autumn of 2018 it was announced that there would be no Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated in time for Christmas.

Rumour was that Jim Kay was struggling to finish in time, given the length of the later books. If true it’s not great news as it means that it’s likely to be an ongoing problem as the books get longer.

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Salman Rushdie to Publish Don Quixote Inspired Novel

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Salman Rushdie is to publish a Don Quixote inspired novel later this year. Quichotte is inspired by the Miguel de Cervantes classic text and tells the story of an ageing travelling salesman who falls inn love with a TV star and sets off across America on a quest to prove himself worthy.

Based on the classic novel, it’s a story of a derange time, relationships, racism, and even the end of the world. Bea Hemming from Vintage publishing described the novel as “Quichotte sees Salman Rushdie at the height of his powers. Intricately plotted, wildly original, tender, comic and deeply moving, Quichotte is both an ingenious homage to Cervantes and a book that speaks urgently to our unstable times.”

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