George R.R. Martin Heaps Praise on Stephen King’s ‘The Institute’

By July 13, 2019 Authors, News

George R.R. Martin has become a household name among readers thanks to his critically acclaimed A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series, which was adapted by HBO into the hugely popular TV series Game of Thrones. We imagine it’s pretty hard to impress a guy like George, but it seems veteran author Stephen King has managed to do just that with his latest novel The Institute.


Martin recently took to his official Facebook page to express his enjoyment of King’s latest novel, writing: “Just finished the latest Stephen King novel, THE INSTITUTE. Once again, the King comes through. I read every day, but most books I read slowly, a chapter or two a night. That doesn’t work with Steve’s work, never has. The moment I start one of his, I’m doomed. He grabs me by the throat and doesn’t let go until the story’s done.”

Given how busy Martin must be between finishing his A Song of Ice and Fire series and working on his other upcoming projects, it’s a serious compliment for him to say that King’s book held his attention from start to finish. No doubt plenty of Martin’s readers will now be putting The Institute on their To Read list.

Set deep in the woods of Maine, the story follows a group of children with extraordinary gifts who are held captive and experiment on in a secret research facility. Meanwhile, in South Carolina, a small town cop is about to discover secrets that lead to the biggest case of his career.

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