Nathan W. Pyle ‘Strange Planet’ is being made into a book.

By June 26, 2019 New Releases, News

Strange Planet by Nathan W. Pyle has caused an internet sensation and is being compiled for its book debut.

The ‘Beings’ of Strange Planet have become ever more popular across social media, going viral over and over with their quirky observations and daily rituals such as Being Gains a Sibling, Beings at Home, and The Hobbies of a Being.

The Beings are straight from the mind of New York Times bestseller, Nathan W. Pyle, who travels the world speaking to people about creativity and storytelling. Pyle’s idea for the Beings of Strange Planet came about almost organically through the writer’s observant and comedic nature. Pyle had begun making hilarious observational videos about the behaviour of city pigeons he saw while living in New York and Pigeon Stories soon became its own Instagram account.

Seeing Pyle’s creativity and humour one may be convinced he studied art or design at college but in fact he had planned on going to seminary like his father, after studying theology. This open-mind and love for deep thought has led to his creating worlds where he can ask philosophical questions and observations- like Strange Planet.

“’What is existence? What is real?’ All that is the base level of any joke,” Pyle says. “Why do we think something is important and something else is less important? That’s really what Strange Planet plays on.”

Pre-Order for November 2019 Release

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