Sara Pascoe Launches ‘Sex, Power, Money’ Podcast

By August 12, 2019News

Comedian, writing and actor Sara Pascoe’s début book, Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body was published in 2017. Animal is an in-depth and feminist exploration of what it means to be female, from the social construct of gender and sexuality to the natural experiences of puberty and periods. Through her humour and well-researched facts, Pascoe presented a new way to learn about the female body.

This year, Faber & Faber are publishing Sara Pascoe’s latest book Sex, Power, Money. The book will be published at the end of August and is a hilarious examination of the science of sex. Sex, Power, Money will answer questions such as; “Why don’t people care about the welfare of the people they masturbate to?” and “Why is there such stigma around those who work in the sex industry?”

Like in Animal, Sara Pascoe’s Sex, Power, Money will draw from her own anecdotal (and often comical) experiences alongside original research, interviews and personal opinions to bring a thought-provoking and funny take to one of the oldest discussions in the book, sex.

To accompany the publication of Sex, Power, Money, Faber & Faber have announced that Pascoe will be launching a podcast series. The podcast, hosted by the comedian herself will go by the same name and will feature interviews with people who have experiences with sex work, stripping, porn and other aspects of the sex industry.

In the trailer for the podcast series, Pascoe explained “I wrote a book called Sex, Power, Money. That book was a lot about me, how I felt about pornography, some research I did into the biology of human sexuality. As I was researching, I realised I don’t know very much about selling sex or sexual behaviour at all. My podcast series Sex, Power, Money is me interviewing people who do know what they’re talking about. I interviewed sex workers, activists, a stripper, a historian, pornographer, a doctor, and a sugar baby. We discussed power dynamics, politics, people’s personal experiences and the law that affects sex workers… I have had my mind opened and found it incredibly interesting and I really hope that you will too.”


The first episode of the Sex, Power, Money podcast will be available from Monday 12th August and you can subscribe now on itunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. The book Sex, Power, Money will be published on 29th August and is available to pre-order now.

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