Scottish Twitter has a proud hero in puntastic poet Pennie

By October 15, 2020Culture, News, Poetry

Miss Punny Pennie has become a Twitter sensation after releasing a poem written for the love of Scots language.

I’m No Havin’ Children, written and performed by Pennie, is a love letter to the Scots language and a dedication to Pennie’s mother. Throughout the poem the author uses her own words alongside English translations to create a heartfelt and celebratory explanation of how Pennie’s own progeny will be raised.

Some on Twitter were a little confused to begin with, mistaking the poem’s title for a declaration of a child-free future, but Pennie gently reminded folk that this was not the case:

“People keep asking my why I don’t want kids and it’s making me laugh. There’s no wrong way to interpret poetry, but I think something might have gotten lost in translation here. For the record, I’ll be having kids as soon as I’m finished with my evil plans of world domination.”

We asked Pennie a few questions about her own literary loves and influences, and she kindly took time to answer below.

Was there a favourite book you were read when you were little?

My mum used to read me a book called Molly’s hair, about a wee lassie who hated having crazy ginger hair. It had fake hair built into the book and (not to spoil it for you) but at the end she gets sparkles in her hair and it never failed to cheer me up when I was getting teased for being ginger.


Did you read many Scots poets or authors growing up?

I grew up surrounded by Burns, he’s my literary idol. I competed from a very young age doing Burn’s competitions, and that’s where my love of poetry and Scots spoken word developed. I even won a few trophies, and I’ve been to more Burns’ suppers than I care to think about. A wonderful experience.


Can you recommend any Scots authors for our readers? 

I recommend Burns, of course, but also Billy Kay. His work on the preservation and promotion of Scots as a language is an essential contribution to Scotland.


Are there any writers or types of writing you tend to avoid?

I’ll read anything once, but I avoid writers who cannae have a wee laugh with their work, reading should be a pleasure, even if it’s for educational purposes.


Are you planning on writing a book or a poetry compilation soon? 

I am definitely planning to publish my poyums. It’s always been a dream of mine, and the response I’ve received for ‘I’m no havin’ children’ has been incredible. Watch this space.

Support Pennie by buying her a coffee here, following her on Twitter, or on her new YouTube channel. 

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