Tell-all book about UK PM is full of rumours and allegations

By October 8, 2020New Releases, News, Political

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is the subject of a new tell-all book!

The book The Gambler is a biography by Tom Bower, a scrupulous biographer has previously written about big names such as Robert Maxwell, Conrad Black, and Tony Blair. Bower spoke to ex-wives, ex-lovers, and friends of the PM, gaining valuable insight into the life of Boris Johnson.

Bower reports on the PM’s “reckless” behaviour in the book, particularly concerning his affair with US entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri. A text message reading “I miss you and I need you” is reported as Johnson’s final text to Arcuri.

The text message is just one of a long ling of allegations that are made in the ‘explosive’ biography on the UK Prime Minister.

The book suggests that the infamous row with his current girlfriend Carrie Symonds was started when Johnson looked at a picture of Arcuri, then later when police were called another argument it was the fault of a spilt glass of wine…

The Gambler also reports that when Johnson mayor of London he spent evenings at Arcuri’s flat in Islington, North London, while married to Marina Wheeler.

“Partly mother figure and partly lover, she claimed to ­understand his mind, and he felt safe in her company.”

Arcuri and Johnson

The book explores the end of the affair between Arcuri and Johnson: “His last text message was sent on December 29, 2018, two years after their last meeting. ‘I miss you and I need you,’ he’d write. She deleted the text.”

Recently Arcuri said the PM was “nothing short of a dictator” and “the worst kind of leader”.

She compared him to a “puppet on a string”, saying that “nobody trusts a word coming out of his mouth” and his time in top office had been a string of shameful events and decisions.

The book explores Boris Johnson’s childhood as well as his affair-ridden adulthood. His childhood may explain who he is the way he is, and acts the way he does- especially in his treatment of women.

His father, Stanley Johnson, is accused of domestic violence, causing Johnson’s mother Charlotte to have a nervous breakdown and be admitted to a mental health ward at hospital for 8 months. Speaking afterwards, and reported in Bower’s book, Charlotte explained: “The doctors at the Maudsley spoke to Stanley about his abuse of me. He had hit me. He broke my nose. He made me feel like I deserved it.”

For more insight into the astounding mess that is the UK Prime Minister’s background and life- order the biography The Gambler below.

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