Turkish Garbage Collectors Open Library Full of Discarded Books

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Turkish garbage collectors in the country’s capital city of Ankara have opened a public library that is full of books that were originally destined to be put into landfill. The workers began collecting discarded books and opened the new library in the Çankaya district of Ankara. News of the library has spread and now people have begun donating books directly to the library, rather than throwing them away.

As CNN reports, the library was originally created for the use of the employees friends and family but, as it grew in size, the library was officially opened to the public in September of last year. “We started to discuss the idea of creating a library from these books. And when everyone supported it, this project happened,” said Çankaya Mayor Alper Tasdelen, whose local government spearheaded the opening of the library.

The library now has over 6,000 fiction and non-fiction books and includes a children’s section, an area dedicated to scientific research books, and a number of English and French language books for those who are bilingual.

The library building itself used to be a brick factory and is located at the sanitation department HQ. The building featured long corridors and an aged brick facade and transformed perfectly into a library.

Books can be withdrawn for two weeks at a time, with an extension available if required. The library’s collection has now become so vast that it loans many of the books to schools, educational programs, and even prisons.

“Village schoolteachers from all over Turkey are requesting books,” Tasdelen said. The library has also created new job opportunities as it requires full time staff to run and support it.

The library has proven to be a huge hit with the community. Children of the employees often enjoy reading there and local school children visit to study. Local cyclists who pedal through the nearby valley often take a break there and enjoy the lounge area and chess boards.

“Before, I wished that I had a library in my house. Now we have a library here,” Serhat Baytemur, a 32-year-old garbage collector, told state media.

‘We’ve Gone All In,’ Says Game of Thrones Star Nikolai Coster-Waldau on the Show’s Final Series

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Based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, HBO’s Game of Thrones has since become one of the biggest TV shows of all time since its first season aired in 2011. With its mix of fantasy, gritty realism, and true-to-life depictions of politics and power struggles, the series has enjoyed millions of viewers and acclaim from critics.

Seven years and seven seasons later, HBO is currently working on the eighth and final season which is set to air in 2019. In what will no doubt be a bittersweet finale, we’ll see how the epic story wraps up, who will finally sit the Iron Throne, and who will die trying. Unlike previous seasons, season eight will only consist of six episodes, but it is said they will be longer than average. Read More

Leicester Unleashes ‘The Hulk,’ A Green Mobile Library for the Homeless

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The city of Leicester, England has revealed ‘The Hulk,’ a large, green, mobile library which aims to help the city’s rough sleepers and ease the struggle of being homeless. The van was gutted and has since had shelves fitted which allow it to store over 500 books, from Roald Dahl to Harry Potter.

As Leicester Mercury reports, ‘The Hulk’ was officially unveiled in a ceremony on Wednesday and is officially called The Roaming Readers. The mobile van was funded by the Help the Homeless charity and offers rough sleepers something to keep their minds occupied, while also serves as a place where you can charge your mobile phone. Read More

Watch the Trailer for Ian McEwan’s The Children Act

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Last Autumn we brought you the news that fans of Ian McEwan were in for a treat this year with several adaptations and one of these is the Children Act. McEwan wrote the screenplay for the movie and it’s to star Dame Emma Thompson who will play Fiona Maye, a high court judge who presides over cases in the family division.

The book is rollercoaster of emotions as Maye’s marriage problems and a difficult case involving a 17-year-old Jehovah’s Witness collide, and it looks as though the movie will stay true to the fantastic story.
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Oxford English Dictionary Hunts for Regional Words

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The Oxford English Dictionary has launched the ‘Words Where You Are’ appeal in the hope of documenting regional language that is often not recorded as it is only spoken. You know the kind of words, the words you use all the time but then you go to a different part of the country and the word is met with a blank stare.

As a Welsh person I am well aware of this phenomenon, especially as we use so much incidental Welsh in our speech. That’s a whole different language but around the UK different regions also have their own variations on regional words.
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US Authors Campaigning Against ‘Kids in Cages’

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Wherever you are it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard about the current move by the US administration separating children from their parents who are seeking asylum. Despite many smokescreens and accusations that this policy has been around under previous administrations, that is simply a myth. The policy was introduced on 6th April 2018 and was the brainchild of John Kelly and Stephen Miller and approved by President Trump to serve as a deterrent for undocumented immigration. Read More


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