Turkish Garbage Collectors Open Library Full of Discarded Books

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Turkish garbage collectors in the country’s capital city of Ankara have opened a public library that is full of books that were originally destined to be put into landfill. The workers began collecting discarded books and opened the new library in the Çankaya district of Ankara. News of the library has spread and now people have begun donating books directly to the library, rather than throwing them away.

As CNN reports, the library was originally created for the use of the employees friends and family but, as it grew in size, the library was officially opened to the public in September of last year. “We started to discuss the idea of creating a library from these books. And when everyone supported it, this project happened,” said Çankaya Mayor Alper Tasdelen, whose local government spearheaded the opening of the library.

The library now has over 6,000 fiction and non-fiction books and includes a children’s section, an area dedicated to scientific research books, and a number of English and French language books for those who are bilingual.

The library building itself used to be a brick factory and is located at the sanitation department HQ. The building featured long corridors and an aged brick facade and transformed perfectly into a library.

Books can be withdrawn for two weeks at a time, with an extension available if required. The library’s collection has now become so vast that it loans many of the books to schools, educational programs, and even prisons.

“Village schoolteachers from all over Turkey are requesting books,” Tasdelen said. The library has also created new job opportunities as it requires full time staff to run and support it.

The library has proven to be a huge hit with the community. Children of the employees often enjoy reading there and local school children visit to study. Local cyclists who pedal through the nearby valley often take a break there and enjoy the lounge area and chess boards.

“Before, I wished that I had a library in my house. Now we have a library here,” Serhat Baytemur, a 32-year-old garbage collector, told state media.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle: The Adaptation Trailer is Here

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I wouldn’t say that Gothic fiction is exactly my thing, but I needed a novel of this genre for October’s Cwts Book Club. I trawled through my TBR pile and came across Shirley Jackson’s, We Have Always Lived in the Castle. I flew through the book, loving the mystery behind why the two girls, and their uncle are living away from the rest of the world, in their “castle”.

Imagine my delight when only a couple of days after I had finished We Have Always Lived in the Castle, I saw a trailer for the film version, which is released this month, starring Taissa Farmiga, Alexandra Daddario, and Sebastian Stan . Having watched the trailer, I can honestly say that it appears to follow the book, word for word. I now can’t wait to watch the rest and see Merricat and Constance’s story on the big screen! Read More

Lingerie company to remove ‘Sexy’ Handmaid’s Tale costume

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As Halloween draws near we start thinking of costumes… And how we can tie in our literary heroes to our costume design…

The Handmaid’s Tale has proven to be very popular in recent times, thanks in part to Hulu’s fantastic adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel. As has been proven time and time again- if something has entered pop culture then it is fair game for capitalism to sink its claws in.

And so we welcome The Sexy Handmaid Halloween Costume to the Inappropriately Sexy Costume Hall of Fame.

Complete with white cloak and red bonnet, this “Brave Red Maiden” costume was just a bit much for even the kookiest Halloween fans (especially for the steep price of $65) and after a resounding ‘NOPE, THANKS THOUGH’ from customers- lingerie store Yandy pulled the costume within a day of its release.

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The Man Booker Shortlist 2018 is here

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Earlier in the year we brought you the longlist for one of the most coveted prizes in literature, the Man Booker Prize. The longlist is know as the Man Booker Dozen but now that’s been whittled down to the prestigious shortlist, six novels among which is the Man Booker winner 2018.

We have that shortlist here so without further ado here are the books in the running for the 2018 Man Booker prize.

The 2018 winner will be announced on Tuesday 16th October, about a month from now in London’s Guildhall. The winning ceremony will be aired on the BBC and we’ll bring you news of that winner as soon as it breaks!

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Church Leaders Call for Ban on LGBT Books, During Banned Books Week

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Established by the American Library Association in 1982, Banned Books Week begins every year on the last week of September. The week celebrates books that have been censored or outright banned over the years and reminds us of the importance of information and freedom of speech, as well as showing us how books can be used tackle difficult or sensitive topics and themes.

To celebrate the week, a library in Rumford, Maine created a display featuring books that have, and continue to be, banned in various parts of the world. As you can imagine, books focusing on the topic of same-sex relationships are heavily censored, and thus the display featured several LGBT books such as Kabi Nagata’s My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness and David Lev’s Two Boys Kissing. Both books have been released to great acclaim from critics but also face heavy resistance, with Two Boys Kissing being the fifth most banned book of 2016. Read More

2018 National Book Awards Longlist: Nonfiction

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All this week we’ve been bringing you the longlists for the National Book Awards, courtesy of the New Yorker. We started with fiction, then young people’s literature before covering the translated literature longlist and yesterday poetry. Today it’s time for the final longlist, nonfiction.

There’s no denying it’s been a tumultuous couple of years in the world and lots of people, authors, and artists have shown concern for the future. Those concerns have certainly come through in published works as the nonfiction longlist shows.

And here it is, the ten books selection for the National Book Awards Longlist for Nonfiction.

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George R.R. Martin Thinks ‘Game of Thrones’ Could’ve Run for 13 Seasons

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Game of Thrones is set to air its eighth and final season in the Spring of next year, but the author of the books the show is based on, George R.R. Martin, believes the show could’ve run for as many as 13 seasons.

Whilst speaking with Variety at the Emmy Awards on Monday, Martin said: “We could’ve gone 11, 12, 13 seasons,” He added the decision to end the series was up to the showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Read More


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