Read Around the World: Palau to Portugal

We’re around three quarters of the way through our blog series now, storming through the world alphabetically as we read around the world, featuring a book from every country in the world. We’ll work alphabetically through all the countries in the world and add in some smaller countries and islands too, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe!

We’ll work alphabetically and the last list ended at Pakistan, we’re starting this list at Palau.

Join us on our literary world trip as we read around the world in more than 200 books.


To the Far Side of Hell – Derrick Wright

It’s a little sad that  most of the literature based on these beautiful island is written around a World War II battle that probably needed never happen, but here we are.

To the Far Side of Hell

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The Secret Life of Saeed – Emile Hibaby

The story of Saeed, a Palestinian who becomes a citizen of Israel, is a story of fact and fantasy, tragedy and comedy. Purposefully imitating Voltaire’s classic Candide, another dark comedy which derives its humour from life’s tragedies, Habiby’s The Secret of Saeed the Pessoptimist is a classic of Arab literature

The Secret Life of Saeed

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Silver People – Margarita Engle

From the young “silver people” whose back-breaking labor built the Panama Canal to the denizens of the endangered rainforest itself, this is the story of one of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever undertaken

Silver People

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Papua New Guinea

Child of the Jungle – Sabine Kueger

Sabine Kuegler was five years old when her family-her German linguist-missionary parents and her siblings-moved to the territory of the recently discovered hunter-and-gatherer Fayu tribe of Papua New Guinea. At the age of 17, Sabine found her life turned upside down when she left for Switzerland to attend boarding school and entered traditional society head-on.

Child of the Jungle

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I, the Supreme – Augusto Roa Bastos

I the Supreme imagines a dialogue between the nineteenth-century Paraguayan dictator known as Dr. Francia and Policarpo Patiño, his secretary and only companion.

I, the Supreme

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The Time of the Hero – Mario Vargas Llosa

This powerful political satire did not sit well with Peru’s government and thousands of copies were publicly burned.

The Time of the Hero

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Smaller and Smaller Circles – F. H Batacan

A crime mystery guaranteed to have you turning pages, set in the corrupt area of Manila’s Quezon City.

Smaller and Smaller Circles

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Pitcairn Islands

Lost Paradise – Kathy Marks

Lost Paradise documents the controversial international investigation into remote Pitcairn Island and the report that revealed how most of its young females were being sexually abused through culturally condoned practices.

Lost Paradise

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Schindler’s Ark – Thomas Keneally

Novels of Poland are dominated by World War II, and so today we’ve chosen Schindler’s Ark. Based on a true story, this enduring tale is also an award winning movie.

Schindler’s Ark

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Night Train to Lisbon – Pascal Mercier

Raimund Gregorius, a professor of dead languages at a Swiss secondary school, lives a life governed by routine. Then, an enigmatic Portuguese woman stirs his interest in an obscure, and mind-expanding book of philosophy that opens the possibility of changing Raimund’s existence.

Night Train to Lisbon

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We hope you’re enjoying this new blog series, we’ll be back with the next journey through literature in a few days, starting with Palau.

As the series continues, you can try this search to find the rest of the blogs in this series. Alternatively if you’re looking for a specific country so far we have covered:

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