Word of the Day – Jobation

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Jobation (noun) (informal)


Also jawbation. A lengthy rebuke or reprimand, a lecture, a harangue.

Late 17th century. From job + -ation.

Example sentences

“The wife gave me such a lengthy jobation when I came home late from the bar last night.”

Word of the Day – Machree

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Machree (noun) (Irish/Scots)


As a form of address: my dear. Now chiefly in “Mother Machree”, expressing (usually ironically) a stereotyped conception of Celtic or Irish identity.

Late 17th century; earliest use found in Irish Hudibras. From Irish mo chroí (Scottish Gaelic mo chridhe) my heart, my beloved from mo my + croí (Scottish Gaelic cridhe) heart from Early Irish cride heart, cognate with heart [interjection, adverb].

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