The Reading Addicts Book Bus Project

Addy is my old VW camper, he’s 31 this year and I love him very much and as For Reading Addicts has grown I’ve started thinking about ways I can incorporate him into the For Reading Addicts community and ethos. So I thought I’d start getting him restored, paint him up with Book Bus livery and take him on the road, giving away books, visiting bookshops and running promotions and giveaways on the go.

The Book Bus Project is going to be a long term enterprise, as there needs to be a lot of planning and preparation and the bus needs a lot of work, a lot of restoration and a lot of fund raising before the Book Bus finally hits the road. This is why we need the help and involvement of our thousands of Reading Addicts.

This summer I fully intend to take Addy out and create a Book Bus Trail, leaving books wherever I go and I have plans to visit many bookshops too, but the best laid plans of mice and men have meant several set backs along the way. We kick started the fund with around £850 of our own cash and with your donations spent around £1,100 getting the bus back onto the road. However, in the spring of 2015 as plans were being made to get the Book Bus out onto the road, we have another huge problem with the engine.

Your support has been invaluable, and the Book Bus remaining on the road and my plans for the bus this summer going ahead really do depend on it.