“The Parthasian Trilogy will go far, due to its promising plot and unpredictable twists..”



Superbly written and compelling book, one of the rare occasions I have read a book from cover to cover in so few sittings.

Character description and environmental design are superb (apologies but I am deliberately being vague as to details, read it yourself for more :p) truely enthralling from each page to the next.

The world swallows you into it as though you are there, always wondering what awaits you around the next corner (or page turn as the case may be) action scenes are fast paced and thoroughly though out in meticulous detail almost as though you are there in the thick of it.

The races fall unique but true to lore so you feel you know them but learn more as the world unravels in front of you with the twists shocking to the core (at least that’s how I felt) kudos to Mr Harris on this marvel of writing and I eagerly await my return to Parthas. A must have for any bookshelf.


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Added 26th June 2016


Along with many others, I had been patiently awaiting the launch of Kingsblood for quite some time when it finally hit the shelves in April this year. And after many a thrilling hour spent with Pax and her loyal friends, I can say with much confidence that the novel did not disappoint!

I am sure that I am not alone in expressing my joyous surprise at the unexpected twists and turns brought by J.S. Harris in this spellbinding novel that explores the complexities and greatness that friendships can hold, through battle and wit alike.

There is, however, one major downfall to quickly reaching the last page to the adventures of Book one of the Parthasian Trilogy; I must wait once more to accompany the courageous group on their next tale of bravery and friendship.

So until then, I will join many fantasy fans in waiting with eager anticipation for the release of Book Two of the Parthasian Trilogy.


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Sheridan McKenna

Added 11th June 2016


I picked up this book expecting a strong story, relatable characters and a colourful world. I am happy to say that all expectations have been met and exceeded, Kingsblood is sure to strike a chord with teenage fantasy fans the world over.

Each character, from talented Pax to dreamy Theo, even the less frequent but no less important characters like Joran, feel fully thought out, every one with their own backstory.

There has clearly been much thought put into the politics and individual reactions of each character. The Scenery is beautifully described, so much so that at times you feel as if you have left your chair and are riding on a horse with the calm Draken, the charismatic Vosper and the sturdy Hadar.

I believe that The Parthasian Trilogy will go far, due to its promising plot and unpredictable twists. Foreshadowing is done subtly, leaving you wondering if you have even picked up on what will happen next.

I eagerly await the rest of the trilogy and am looking forward to hearing the continuing adventures of the group as well as further great things about the author, J. S. Harris.


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Kath Cross

Added 3rd May 2016

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