“One of the best things Agatha Christie has ever done.”


Reading an Agatha Christie novel is always like revisiting the teen years when I was a huge fan. I still am! The comfort of reading such a familiar style of the book is something that is very precious.
In this one, a young couple meets in front of what is known as a house with a curse, Gipsy’s acre. They ignore the naysayers and build their dream house. She is a very rich heiress while he is mostly an aimless drifter so their marriage isn’t exactly a happy prospect for her family.

And then there is a change in the tone of the story and you realize that this isn’t the sweet village mystery you thought it might be!
Even if, as a reader of thrillers, I could fathom some of what happened, the writing as always wowed me!


Reviewed by:

Priya Prakash

Added 10th August 2020

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