“Profound and eye-opening. . . . You feel—that rare and beautiful gift from a truly great book—woken up and unalone.”



What happens when you actually taste what others are feeling?

A very strange and unusual book, one in which not much actually happens but the characters reflect a lot and remember a lot of things that happened in the past!

It begins with 9 yo Rose tasting the emotions of her mother in the lemon cake she baked. Unable to deal with this knowledge, Rose takes to eating outside food whenever she can.

With a mother who is dissatisfied with her life, a father who is kind and good but simply doesn’t know what to do with his kids, and a brother who is just not interested in any kind of interaction to the point of being wierd, Rose just decides to deal with this unwanted ability the best way she knows to… ignore it.

As she grows up and fully realizes the dysfunctional nature of her family, she attempts to be the glue that holds it together for a while.

The book did not read along the lines I expected it to when I saw the blurb.

It just kind of meanders along with no real conclusion in sight and because I like stories that actually lead somewhere, it was kind of disconcerting for me.

The writing was beautiful and the imagination amazing and it left me with a lingering sadness.


Reviewed by:

Priya Prakash

Added 16th January 2018