“McDermott has extended her range and deepened it, allowing for more darkness, more generous lashings of the spiritual . . . Vivid and arresting . . . Marvelously evocative.”



This novel tells the story of a widow and her daughter, who are basically supported by Nuns after the husbands suicide.

Flawlessly written, it is the story of the hard work nuns did back in the day, teaching, caring for the poor and ill, begging for funds to help support their causes. The book follows the life of the Mother, Ann, and her daughter Sally. It is also a coming of age story of Sally, brought up so close to the nuns as her mother works in the convent with them.

Sally will feel the calling to do the nuns work, and we will see how the events of her life will decide her ultimate fate. This story takes place in Brooklyn, New York where I have lived all of my life.

I was taught by nuns in grade school up to the eighth grade, and anyone who has experienced that will have plenty of stories about the nuns that entered our lives for that short period.

The author dedicates this book to a nun, and it is a beautiful story well worthy of our own memories.

Highly recommended


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 15th October 2017

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