“A captivating tale — one to press upon children, and one they’ll be passing among themselves.”



The book named Frindle is a wonderful book. It is written by Andrew Clements who is the bestselling author of over ten million books in print. This book is illustrated by Brian Selznick. It is published by Atheneum. Its first edition was published in February 1998. The Library of Congress has catalogued the hardcover edition as –Clements, Andrew, 1949.

Nicholas Allen is a school kid. He is very cool. He has inventive plans & knows what to do with them. One day he thought about how words were created. From this he got the big idea. He thought of making a new word. So, he created the word “frindle’’ for ”pen”. Then he made a group of his friends and told them to spread the word in the class. But there he had to face his not-so-favourite teacher, Mrs. Lorelei Granger. From there starts the war.

Mrs. Granger doesn’t want the word “pen” to be set aside, when it has such a large history. The word “pen” comes from the Latin word “pinna” which means ‘feather’. Then the other students also started using the word. So, the principal of the school, Mrs. Chatham went to Nick’s house to talk with his parents. But that didn’t settle the matter as Nick’s mother didn’t think that her child has done anything wrong.

To find more, read the awesome book Frindle.


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Added 19th April 2018

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