“The book is remarkable, often because the world building is sublime. A remarkable story that will land hard with the right kind of audience. I have never seen the like. Pulse pounding action from the first page. It’s not for everyone. It was never meant to be. But it is good and strong and fun and desperately exciting. You have been warned.”


I am a big fan of this author, having read all her other books, so when I saw this new release I just had to get it.

The cover is great and the title intriguing.
I have to say it is unlike her other books, but she still manages to create a world you become absorbed in. The story is fantastic, quite dystopian, with a myriad different characters, some of which are developed more than others. Obviously, Maximilian Fly is our main character and what a fascinating one he is. There is a lot more under the surface than we first realise.

This story focuses initially on a random event in his life, which then interconnects with his past. We see friendships develop and families torn apart, but like all good stories the conclusion is a satisfactory one.
I really loved this story. I became totally enveloped in the world and the journey Maximilian takes. In places I laughed, in others I cried. I will be rereading this many times I am sure. A fabulous read.


Reviewed by:

Amanda O’Dwyer

Added 14th May 2020

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