“Dear Edward made me think, nod in recognition, care about its characters, and cry, and you can’t ask more of a novel than that.”



Just finished Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano. Audio book version, narrated by Cassandra Campbell.

This heart-wrenching story is about Edward Adler, the sole survivor of an airplane crash. Inspired by true events, the book slips back and forth about events that are actually happening on the plane where Edward and his family are flying to California, and the life of Edward immediately after the crash and going forward.

On the plane we meet Edwards family, his parents and siblings, and especially Jordan, the brother he is closest too. We also meet many of the other passengers and we learn about their lives, their hopes and dreams. The interaction between the flight attendants and the passengers is also here, leading to a real feeling for what is transpiring on the plane, from the beginning of the flight to its terrible ending.

After the crash Edward goes to live with his aunt and uncle and here he begins to piece his life back together. The writing here is excellent, and what Edward goes through, his thoughts and behavior, especially to his reaction to the attention he receives because of his situation is totally realistic. The pressures put upon him unwittingly by others catch him up into a whirlwind of emotional upheaval, and it’s amazing to read about how he handles all this pressure. One must remember the ultimate guilt, which is why did I survive and everyone else didn’t.
The narration of the book is excellent.
A terrific book, highly recommended.


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Richard Franco

Added 19th March 2021

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