“Centers on the unique bond of sisterhood–potentially one of the most supportive, competitive, and difficult relationships in life.”


I’ve always wondered what those interviewers really think of the people they interview. One Monday morning Meghan Fitzmaurice lets the entire world know exactly what she thinks when her hit morning show Rise and Shine breaks for commercial but someone forgets to turn her microphone off. The next two words out of her mouth send ripples through the lives of her friends and family.

Meghan has led a somewhat charmed life. She always knew that she wanted to be a journalist. She married her childhood sweetheart. She’s beautiful and athletic. But now that she is facing adversity for the first time in her adult life how will she react?

A well written book, Rise and Shine deals with growth, tragedy, survival and the love of sisters.

If you’re looking for an action book, this isn’t it. Other than Meghan’s potty mouth faux pas and one other tense part, not much really happens. The characters just kind of “are”. It took me a while to get into it but after I did I can’t say I was bored. Nor was it exciting. Like the characters, it just kind of “was”. Sort of like listening to someone tell you about their day when they did nothing but cleaned the oven and watched soap operas.

The writing was ok and the narrator’s voice and tone was good.

This isn’t on my reread list and I’m giving it a 2.75 on my bookometer.


Reviewed by:

Teresa M

Added 3rd June 2015

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