With brilliant illustrations by Vinayak Varma, this book adds a whole new dimension to the term grandmothers tales.”



“Phiss Phuss Boom” is a book different from others, because three authors Anushka Ravishankar, Jerry Pinto and Sayoni Basu have written this book. This book is published by Duckbill in 2013. This book is illustrated by Vinayak Varma. In place of the ‘illustration’, he has used the term ‘fartwork’. This word is very funny and the character of this book is attached to the word. The stories in this book are from three states in India.

The story from Kerala is “Lijimol and Jijimon’ which is written by Anushka Ravishankar. She is the author of several award-winning books. the story from Goa is “ Attulem and Bittulem” which is written by Jerry Pinto. He is a journalist who also writes poetry, prose and children’s fiction. The story from Bengal is “Shontu and Ghontu” which is written by Sayoni Basu. She is an Editor of children’s books.

The stories in the books are divided into three parts. The name of the first part is “ Lijimol and Jijimon”. Lijimol and Jijimon were twins. Their grandmother had given a curse that their brains were in Lijimol’s hair.But at the last of the story, we understood that it was only a joke.The second part is named “Attulem and Bittulem” .They were friends. They used to say everything in short form and the details of the short form are footnotes. Last part contains the story of “ Shontu and Ghontu”. Ghontu’s mother told him to follow a few rules. He followed all the rules but the last rule produced some confusions. And the confusion produced more fun.

The readers will be entertained by reading the book. This book is not very expensive and so, readers can easily buy this book.


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