“Anushka Ravishankar’s storytelling skills make this book a laugh riot for all ages.”



Moin and the Monster is a wonderful book written by Anushka Ravishankar.

The funny drawings in this book are drawn by Anitha Balachandran. Moin is a boy with two friends, Tony and Parvati. He tries to draw but cannot draw anything.

One day an invisible Monster is found hiding under his bed. To give it a shape of body Moin had to draw it.

The monster gives its description to Moin as he has to draw it. But Moin draws it fully different from the description given by the monster. So it becomes angry.

The monster does nothing but eating banana, singing silly songs and copying new hairstyles. From this book we get many funny incidents of Moin and The Monster.

There are 109 pages in this book. But it is not boring at all. There is another book named Moin and the Monster Songster in this series written by the same author.


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Added 13th May 2016

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