“With the publication of this book, ingredients for the perfect summer holiday are now complete … hugely readable.”



It’s a joy to discover another author who has written highly acclaimed books over the years, and having thoroughly enjoyed my first indulgence, I now have so many more  to pick and choose from.

I’ll try to write a very objective and simple review.

Pros :-

– Brilliant story telling skills
– Simple language ; no fancy words used (a tendency I’ve seen with many authors)
– Brilliant research and description. Till now whatever police/crime novels I had read, noone had gone into such minute details about how the police force (especially Homicide) works – right from finger print matching to assigning of personnel to crime scene investigation to storage of evidence.
– Brilliant and most importantly believable characters
– Realistic. Absolutely 100%.
– Did I mention Unreal Research before?
– Perfect and believable Climax.

Minor Cons:-

– I personally prefer a story to move chronologically most of the time. Felt he switched too much to the past at many crucial junctures.
– As a corollary to the previous point, it slightly slowed the pace of the novel. Not your typical edge of the seat thriller.
– Slightly predictable because this novel was more about “How?” rather than a typical thriller which focuses on the “Who and What” part.

Conclusion –  An absolute must read if you enjoy reading detailed stories with a strong central theme with a plethora of colourful characters and several sub plots in the background.


PS- I’ve deliberately not mentioned anything about the plot. If you plan to  read it, jump straight to the first page without reading the description written at the back cover.


Reviewed by:

Aditya Singh

Added 5th September 2017

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