“In a raw, mean town a boy turns to the one thing he can trust. Here name was Kes.”



A Kestrel for a Knave is a heart wrenching tale of an adolescent boy struggling through the harsh realities of being viewed as a non entity – his self worth lowered by his employer, teachers, half brother, mother and former friends.

Set in a mining town in the early 60s, Billy is effectively a communal stress animal no matter where he is. He spends his life swinging in and out of an exhaustive state with no real interest in life except for nature, birds to be specific.

He discovers a Kestrels nest and finds his determination to learn falconry and train a wild Kestrel.

He finds purpose in life through ‘Kes’ he becomes admired by an unexpected source, he a grows in confidence and it’s a delight to go on the journey with him, towards the end, he needs us more than ever.


Reviewed by:

Enchanted Reader

Added 17th June 2015

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