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If there’s one thing that Ben Elton does really well, it’s to leave his writing dripping with satire and to show the reader what they hadn’t already seen in the present day. Lots of Elton’s books are topical and I picked up Meltdown in the charity shop about six months after the financial crash that let to the recession.

I actually had no idea what it was about, I love the author and anything with his name on the cover goes in the basket. Meltdown is actually about the financial meltdown, told from the perspective of a very wealthy young banker and his wife who had benefitted from the boom.

Maybe you’d think you wouldn’t have much sympathy as their lives crash and burn, but Elton writes such likeable characters that you cannot help but feel sorry for this hapless family as they lose the privileges their wealth brought one by one.

Imagine if someone picked you up tomorrow from your cosily central heated home and dumped you in the middle of the Australian Outback to survive alone, because that’s pretty much where these two are, trying to do simple things like the school run, accepting that state education might be the only option and trying to save a little dignity in the process.

A really great offering from Elton, as always, and a frank look at the financial crisis with the wit this author brings to everything he writes.


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 19th December 2015

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