“Ten Thousand Thunders is a thrilling science-fiction adventure from first page to last; Brian Trent is one of our very best new writers and now’s the time to start reading him.”



In a future time, the world is run by industrial factions and for 300 years there has been peace of sorts. Now war is upon civilisation once again, this time there seems to be something else at play. An unexplained explosion on the Moon and the destruction of a space craft within seconds of the explosion seem at first unrelated but it is soon realised they are related.

In the aftermath, Gethin Bryce is tasked with finding out what went wrong and what forces are at play. He is joined by a Wastelander and two operatives from an opposite industrial faction.

This disperate quartet aim to get to the truth about what is going on and try to halt the total annihilation of all life in the solar system as war would surely bring the end of everything.

I found the plot facsinating but somehow, reading the book left me deflated. The characters seemed flat, I did not like them or hate them. The writing is well paced and kept the story moving along nicely. What world building there is, is quite sparce. I like good world building in SF, sadly this left me wanting more.

Overall, a good solid read, hopefully more and better to come as I will be looking out the next episode as I understand the author is already working on it.

My thanks to Flame Tree Press, Brian Trent & Netgalley for the eARC copy in return for an honest and fair review.


Reviewed by:

Trevor Litchfield

Added 18th September 2018

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