The definitive account to date of one of America’s most notorious and enduring murder mysteries…a superior, page-turning true crime narrative.”



This is an excellent detailed covering of the famous Lizzie Borden murder case and trial in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1892.

Lizzie Borden was accused of taking an axe to her step mother and her father.

According to the known evidence she was the only one in the household who had the means to commit the murders, but there was no direct evidence that could be found to prove that she did it.

She was arrested and tried and this book details every day of the trial so you can follow along yourself with the states case against her. The closing arguments are here and they give a complete picture of both sides of the argument. There are drawings and photos of the crime scene and important individuals in the case.

After the trial the author covers some of the major books on the case and the final chapter will leave you wondering if there might be some new unrevealed evidence still available to be found.

A very good overview of the famous case, one of our many crimes of the century in our history.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 11th July 2019

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