“Brilliantly written with a fantastic, fresh and unique concept, this was one of the best reads for me this year.”



What happens when you feel things more than others do, and you see the crap of the world? What if it is the people who you cannot stand? What if you are not equipped to deal with the world? Have you ever felt the need for a time-out? A time-out from the world?

This is what Rebecca Marley feels. She works for a famous magazine, called LifeStyle and is one of the best the magazine has ever had.However, she decides that she wants a break – from life!

If given an opportunity, would you take a year off from life?

Rebecca’s editor, Bubbles, uses this as an innovative thought process to give a new twist to their magazine. She agrees to let Rebecca do what she wants – that is remain MUTE, but for a period of 9 months (as opposed to a year). In the whole period, she will send diary journals to her, describing her situation and how she is coping with it.

She is not allowed to speak to anyone, except for an emergency and there is limited social media and email interaction to happen as well.

As Rebecca embarks on her journey, she realizes the challenges she faces and how different the whole situation is. Her thoughts take precedence, over her words. Her emotions and nerves run raw.

As she cocoons herself away, she cannot help but wonder that how does one always manage to do everything on schedule? Didn’t life, circumstances, and emotions get in the way sometimes?

As her life unfolds before us, the past and the present, told from her viewpoint, you do realise one very important and significant thing:

Each person has a problem that is big only to them. No matter how vast the world is, and no matter how many bad things happen to those around you, no problem will ever seem as great as the one you are dealing with yourself.

Brilliantly written with a fantastic, fresh and unique concept, this was one of the best reads for me this year.

If I could, I would rate it more 5/5.


Reviewed by:

Ranjini Sen

Added 31st May 2018

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