“Prepare for an experience of the English countryside that’s somewhat at odds with its typically idyllic depiction. . . . As the title suggests, at each turn there’s something new and unexpected.”


Just finished Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller. This book is the story of twins, Jeanie and Julius who are in their early fifties and live in a small cottage and farm. They live with their mother Dot. Their father died in an accident on the farm many years before and the three have stayed together, Jeanie, because of her health stays home with Dot, helping her around the farm while Julius gets day work helping out doing odd jobs here and there.

Dot dies suddenly, throwing the twins lives into a sudden drastic change. Now they find out so many of the things their Mother held back from them. She didn’t tell them about her bad health and she didn’t tell them about the many debts she had accrued, debts that the twins will not be able to pay off.

The story now becomes one of how these twins will survive on their own, being quite sheltered for most of their lives. The many surprises awaiting them will affect both of their lives together.
While being a very sad book in many ways, it’s also a story of love and devotion, and a story of how big changes can affect even the strongest of relationships. Well written, this is a very powerful story well worth reading.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 3rd September 2021

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