“A powerful and fascinating writer with a brilliant imagination… an outstanding storyteller. “



I’ve waited almost three decades to finish the story of The Cenobites and finally Mr Barker has delivered. Boy and has he delivered.

All of the world’s greatest magicians are dying or dead, killed horrifically and found in impossible positions, in impossible places. Their killer a mystery to everyone but those magicians who remain.

The last living magicians of The Circle gather in a final attempt to halt their killer, to stop his thievery and to halt his quest but He has other ideas. A Cenobite with grandiose plans and, with the death of the last of The Circle, the means with which to put those plans into action Pinhead is a demon on a mission.

Clive throws us straight back into a fantasy world filled with excess.. A Hedonistic Hell full of pleasurable perversions, populated by demons who’s sexual appetites are only surpassed by their desire for inflicting pain.

The deaths are delivered with the usual flair for the theatrical, plenty of evisceration, hooks and flaying, a plethora of dicks, cocks and balls are in evidence and the entire book is a tirade of terror.

I had the feeling that this book was written with a definite focus on a future film, it’s very visual and fast paced, there are no lulls and it’s full on right from the start.

Classic Clive and well worth the wait.


Reviewed by:

Shan Williams

Added 4th June 2015

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