“What keeps the pages turning is the remarkable illustrations, which shift from spread to spread… It’s a spectacular show of friendship’s power to change and fill lives.”



Winner of the Waterstone’s Book of the Year 2015, The Fox and the Star is a children’s book written by the award-winning designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith. The author’s designer background is evident in the beautifully illustrated book, and it’s stunning cover.

A sweet and emotive tale of the friendship between a small, shy fox and a star in the sky which acts as his guide and brings out a new confidence in the fox. A typical children’s book style plot with poetic repetition, a small collection of characters and a happy, heart-warming conclusion.

Although it was written for children, many other adults like me will enjoy reading it, either by themselves or with their children.

Not only is this a lovely story but the intricate artwork which sometimes surrounds the words and other times covers whole double pages with no words makes the book an amazing collectable to have in your home and something truly lovely to look at.


Reviewed by:

Catherine Muxworthy, Booksbird

Added 4th April 2016

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