“One of those times when the sequel surpasses the first.”



I bought the entire Inkheart trilogy on a whim when someone suggested it on the page and I absolutely loved Meggie’s adventures in Inkheart.

It’s a lovely story and while I felt it tipped a little too much on the ‘children’s literature’ for myself as an adult I was still keen to read book two, Inkspell to see what would happen to Meggie, her family and the troop of characters they had read from the pages.

Inkspell doesn’t disappoint and it actually has a much more grown up feel to it. Real life and the pages of Inkheart are getting rather muddled up with characters trapped here and there and as Meggie is separated from those she loves, things get a little darker.

I really loved Inkspell, more than book one I think and I can’t wait to move onto Inkdeath to see how the trilogy ends. I think Dustfinger is my favourite character although I always suspected his fate was already written within the pages.

This would be a truly lovely series to read with young children, it’s absolutely packed with quotable passages and fun action and given the premise of the book is to read characters off the pages, it gives the whole thing a slightly eerie twist when read aloud!


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 10th November 2015

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