Craig Robertson’s Narey and Winter series goes from strength to strength, and this latest instalment is the most compelling. Brace yourself to be horrified and hooked.”



This is another £4 buy from Asda and it was the title that caught my attention. The story line is based in Glasgow and the hunt for a serial rapist. I’m a tad surprised that it was realised this year just as the uproar began over the early release of the so-called Black Cab Rapist. Well, it has been and I have to admit it has annoyed and thrilled me in equal measure.

The title first then; I’ve read novels covering most hobbies we humans are involved in, indeed, my first novel, The Mission is based on a birder and what he get’s up to. This is the first one I’ve read about a photographer, something else I am keenly interested in.

Why does it annoy me? I like photography and the subject I enjoy most is candid street scenes. The idea is that you go out with your camera and click away at anything that catches me eye, usually people I see around me. Trafalgar Square is always packed during the day and it’s a good place to get shots. However, there is a lot mistrust of folks taking photos on the streets these days, so I do make sure where I do point my camera. Well, this novel is about someone using a camera phone to do the same thing, but he only shoots young women. He becomes obsessed by it and with some of them in particular. There are mentions within the story line that he doesn’t commit and crimes by taking the photos. It’s his obsession that makes him a stalker.

It comes down DI Rachel Narey of Police Scotland to catch him, and he leads her a merry dance too. Not only is he a rapist, he’s an internet troll and with him are a group of followers who start a campaign against her and his last victim. Along with the usual detectives her husband Tony is reporter and begins his own hunt in different direction. After threats to both Rachel and her baby, Danny, her ex-cop brother-in-law also begins his own investigation into the trolling.

Like I said, this one has annoyed me and trilled me in equal measure; annoyed at the possible portrayal of street snappers and being perverts and a menace to society, and thrilled me by the quality of the writing and the chase to catch the odd man out.


Reviewed by:

Ron Clark

Added 5th March 2018

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