“A balanced, readable book based on thorough archival sources that will have considerable appeal to historians and political scientists, as well as general readers interested in the presidency.”



As the title implies, this book is about the last 100 days of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It is a deeply moving book because, knowing the outcome we can place so much significance on everything he did in those 100 days.

FDR’s health had been failing for awhile, and some of his inner circle had advised against his running for an unprecedented 4th term as President. His Doctors knew he was in serious, failing health, and he probably did also, but these last days were as busy as most of the days that came before hand.

You will read of his last Christmas, his inauguration, his last meeting with Churchill and Stalin at Yalta, an exhausting trip by boat, plane and car under strict security because he would pass through a war zone. His last wish to see the United Nations come to life, and upon his return from Yalta, his last weekend at the White House, at his home at Hyde Park, NY, and his last days in Warm Springs, Ga.

For those who have read any bio of FDR there isn’t much new here, but the authors analysis of FDR’s side trip to the Middle East to discuss the Jewish situation in Israel is very interesting, considering his reputation as one who had done little to aid the Jews suffering in Europe. Well researched, and at 300 pages not including index, notes and bibliography it’s a quick read.

For those with little or no knowledge of FDR I would highly recommend this book.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 16th January 2018

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