“I enjoyed it because it made me question life.”



I love my friends as they buy me books to satisfy my chronic reading habit. I call it readingism.

If it’s a birthday, I get a hardback and Something To Tell You by David Edwards was for my birthday last April. But I didn’t read it immediately, it was speculative fiction and I am more an Umberto Eco or Khaled Hosseini reader. But I just finished it.

It is set in Switzerland and tells the story of two families dealing with an end of the world scenario.

The dad’s are the discoverers of the Higgs Boson particle in 2012, the glue of the universe. They work at CERN and have been smashing matter and antimatter particles together at nearly the speed of light and absolute zero.

Now, there is not too much science in it but you get to know nice facts eg. that they have created mini blackholes, that there are 7 universes proven mathematically and we are 99.9% empty space. So these interesting facts give a web to question who and what we are and what would happen to us, our particles if there is a Higgs storm. So I enjoyed it because it made me question life.

The author spins a bit of science with a bit of nature but I couldn’t understand why the key scientist can hear and has conversations with a lily. Lily is a character and you get to know her as she is the negative to the scientist’s positive. This theme runs through the book, positive versus negative particles, God versus the Godless family, humans versus nature.  It’s cleverly done and although a bit confusing it made me think. And as the humans obey another character called Central Control of The World CCOW you think what you do yourself in an EOTW situation. Anyhow, it all builds up to a great ending and you can decide which way is the best way to die in your own future. So I liked my first speculative fiction book.


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Added 23rd October 2019