“An indie lovers equivalent of Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things.”



I’m a big fan of short stories. As I always have several books on the go I find short stories are easy to pick up and put down, but finding decent collections can be hard. I stumbled across The Cancer Bandit in the Kindle store, the author is local to me and so I downloaded it to read.

There are quite a few stories contained within the collection, a string of tales from the heartbreaking to the sublime, and I loved every single one of them! The local connection with the author was something I was very glad I’d noted as many of the stories were linked to the South Wales area, but you’d enjoy these wherever you’re from.

The first story, The Cancer Bandit is set in Barry, South Wales and it deals with the most human of issues in a dark and enthralling way, as the book continues the tales vary, with suspense, a taste of the unexpected and some thrilling twists and turns.

If you’re a fan of fantasy fiction, and you like dark and gnarly tales with a good dollop of human emotion then The Cancer Bandit and other stories is well worth the download. Not all the tales have a fantasy twist but they do all have a dark edge.


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 9th August 2015

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