“An easy and pleasurable read which will draw you in, wrap you up in a blanket of warmth and bring a smile to your face.”



This is a light-hearted and entertaining insight into primary school life, a world where no two days are ever the same and where the teaching staff – a realistic cross-section of authentic characters – have no choice but to accept that their working day may not always run smoothly but where they are sure to develop a very good sense of humour along the way!

As the plot unfolds to reveal the happenings of a school year, the relationships between staff and pupils are believable and endearing. Bev Dickinson, an experienced teacher who is beginning to contemplate a future beyond the classroom, appears to be the glue that holds the staff together.

She is a huge support to the Headteacher, Mike Barrett, a hardworking, no-nonsense, realistic and likeable manager whose job is made so much easier thanks to the dedication, tolerance and support of the individuals in his team. A colourful mix of pupils grace the pages of this book and their antics add to the humour and frustrations of life in a primary school. In addition, it is impossible not to warm to Oona Phelps, the long-suffering caretaker, who makes moaning her purpose in life but who is so much part of the school furniture and who never shirks her responsibilities.

As a teacher, it is easy to empathise with the staff, and the trials and tribulations which they face on a weekly basis. However, this book will appeal to all readers who appreciate the opportunity to get to know what makes characters tick and to those who favour realism and humour. Without giving anything away, the incidents in this book are numerous; many are heart-warming while some reveal the less savoury side to working in a school. They are recounted in such a way you will soon find yourself there, sitting in the back of the assembly hall, classroom, or, indeed, within the safe retreat of the staffroom.

“Breaking Step” is an easy and pleasurable read which will draw you in, wrap you up in a blanket of warmth and bring a smile to your face. You cannot fail to become involved in the world of the characters, to care what happens to them, and to empathise with Bev Dickinson as she looks forward to a new and exciting project away from the classroom. Her success beyond the four walls of St Jude’s C of E Primary School remains to be seen but it would be hard not to wish her every success. Maybe, one day, there will be a sequel and all will be revealed…


Reviewed by:

H Silvester

Added 31st January 2018