“It’s ‘space opera’ of the finest sort and has all the usual elements of the good guy Earthlings fighting the and bad guy aliens.”



No matter what others say, I like reading using the Kindle app on my tablet computer; actually, reading is what I use it for mostly. What I can’t do is to read with it when I’m lying in bed reading; no, I much prefer a hard copy. That means that I have at least two books on the go at the same time. So before bedtime last night, I finished part 2 of this terrific series.

It’s ‘space opera’ of the finest sort and has all the usual elements of the good guy Earthlings fighting the and bad guy aliens. Science has progressed so much that even a vague idea can become reality in a short time. Spaceships grow in size and ability.

Eventually doing away with human crews and being piloted by AI units that are far faster to us puny humans. That causes resentment within the ranks. Where it’s seen the people concerned are moved sideways out of the way of waging a war that Earth didn’t want but got drawn into anyway. With those people out of the way, the elected people were a lot harder to deal with.

While all that is being dealt with back at home, Space Force personnel are at pointed end and fighting for their lives, as well as the lives of all humanity. To make thing more interesting, Victor Shiloh, now a senior officer receives telepathic visions of the future which cause him to alter his strategy and win battles that would have been lost without them.

An attack on Earth is repelled, even though it is known to be sideshow to another attack on the various colonies that Earth has set up out in the universe. With those colonies destroyed, all the eyes of Space Force turn to a new colony that even the elected people don’t know about. Shiloh becomes its leader and CSO (Commander, Space Operations). At that point Shiloh receives another vision, and that point Part 2 ends.

You can no doubt gather that I am totally hooked on this series, and with Parts 3 and 4 waiting for me, I am looking for the next instalment.

Long live humanity, and long live space opera that tells its story way into the future.


Reviewed by:

Ron Clark

Added 6th August 2016

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