“An excellent story in its own right, but so much better if you read the three previous parts first.”



Part of the beauty in space opera for me, is that I can sit back, suspend reality and travel to the end of the universe without having to worry about how the characters manage to do so. Wehr doesn’t take quite to the end of the universe but he does try. Poor old Einstein has his theory torn to shreds again, and yet even with faster than light travel, it still takes weeks to travel from one part of our galaxy to another.

The main thrust of this four-part series is humanities survival at all costs. We are introduced to a number of alien groups, some friendly or at least seem to be, some not; we are also introduced to artificial intelligence, or AIs who become a group of loyal partners in humanities war against the Sogas. One group of aliens comes in who seem to want to help humanity, or do they? You need to read this series for the answer. Do you like a touch of time travel? It’s here in The Synchronicity War as well, used to stop the ultimate threat to the human race.

The ages old question, ‘Are we alone?’ is one that sci/fi tries to answer in an entertaining manor, and in this series, we have one possible answer while we wait to find out the reality of the answer. Of course, other writers have travelled the same route and have come up with different methods of replying. This series is another great attempt.

I love space opera, you can probably tell that from this and the three earlier reviews I’ve written for the series, and this one is no different. Part 4 is no different, an excellent story in its own right, but so much better if you read the three previous parts first. The best part though, is that the Synchronicity War is over, but the AIs will continue to live in a new series.



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Ron Clark

Added 3rd April 2017

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