“This is Volume 1 of a military SF series about desperate space battles and the men, women and Artificial Intelligences, who fight and die in them.”



At one time I would only read sci-fi books and one of the very best series I read was E.E. Doc Smith’s Lensmen books. A few months ago I saw this one on offer for free on Amazon Kindle and I decided to give it a go. I’m very pleased I did because as soon as began reading it felt right at home with another space opera series.

This ranges of many galaxies and even with their huge ships and amazing engines, their journeys times are measured in months to get back to Earth. The enemy in this one attacks anyone and everyone in their way.

The terrestrial flyers know nothing about them because of their use of large numbers in their attacks. That way they quickly over power a smaller ship and then disappear without trace. If they are one the receiving end in numbers, they just disappear. When numbers are equal and one of their ships is disabled, they self-destruct. The result is that no enemy is ever seen, let one spoken to.

Even so, the plucky humans lead by one gutsy commander make preparations to take on the bad guys. At every meeting between the enemies, something new is learned and it’s hoped that the bad guys don’t learn anything from the good guys, accept perhaps, to be more careful. Of course politics plays its normal silly games and tries to restrict the military. For their part the military is fully aware of what is happening and why and work quietly on the side to prepare themselves for the war they know they part of.


Reviewed by:

Ron Clark

Added 11th June 2016

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