“Beautifully illustrated with easily relatable shades and details to discover in each reading, this book will captivate all young readers.”


In a world in which exclusion is rife – the prime example being Meghan Markle’s alleged clash with the royal family over the colour of her baby to be’s complexion – it is necessary to teach children not to discriminate on the grounds of skin colour before the habit becomes ingrained with age. Divya Thomas has written a generously illustrated and simple book which drives home the message that there’s a lot more to a child than skin colour.

Though she mentions ‘pink’ among the skin tones, her children’s complexions run shades from dark to light brown to honey and biscuit with peach possibly being the closest to pink. She does also throw in patchy skin by way of saying that it’s not just colour that matters, children can delight in themselves no matter what their skin colour is.

Her message is delivered in rhyme and by ending each with the same lines she ensures that there can be no misunderstanding. The book is made for reading aloud with a helpful adult at hand because some of the professions may prove a trifle difficult for young children.


Reviewed by:

Anjana Basu

Added 25th January 2022

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