“Preston and Child continue to write tense and compelling tales while also invoking the feel of Sherlock Holmes or other gothic stories of the late 19th century….Marvelous.”



The 17th book in the Pendergast series and the writing duo never seems to disappoint me in their creative collaboration. In this work A. Pendergast teams up with two of his former crime fighters, but as usual he is sometimes aloof and not always forthcoming with his thoughts which can become frustrating to them.

There are two separate scenarios incorporated into this work, the minor being a delusional profit wanting to recreate Italian Dominican priest Savonarola’s “Bonfire of the Vanities” and the main event which begins with a murder where the body is that of the missing daughter of a billionaire and eventually leads to a series of murders.

As the bodies pile up the police are sure that a serial killer is loose in New York but Pendergast is thinking outside the box as usual and musters all his resources to discover and outwit the perpetrator.

Plenty of intense moments throughout the work and it appears the minor scenario is but a respite between harrowing moments. Always entertaining and well written. Highly recommend if you enjoy a good murder mystery and thriller.

I listened to the audio version of the book with the narration performed by Rene Auberjonis who does outstanding voices for all the many characters.


Reviewed by:

Diana S Long

Added 20th June 2018

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