“Unless someone like you…cares a whole awful lot…nothing is going to get better…It’s not.”



I thought The Lorax was a great story because it had lots of describing words and is very exciting to read. Also I thought the writing style was really good because he kept to the right style and it’s in third person, I love a story that are in third person because its more of a tale.

I think writing in third person makes it more of a fiction story that is fun to read, where as when you don’t write in third person it feels like more of a non fiction story, that’s what makes The Lorax such a marvelous book to read, being able to enjoy it and have fun with the rhyming and describing words, also the illustrations are beautiful and colourful.

When I read The Lorax it made me feel like I was in a world of my own where I could do anything I wanted. This book has the ability to do that and to help other children like me to understand how reading is a fun thing to do where you can imagine what things are like and that nothing can change them but your mind.

This book isn’t really a realistic story but when you read it and think about it you will realise there is a moral to the story “life wouldn’t be the same without trees, and we shouldn’t be greedy.”

Dr Seuss is a wonderful writer because he has the ability to use his imagination to make up words and names, such as Truffula Trees, thneed, Lorax, Grinch, biggering, figgering and lots of words like that.

I have only read three of his books including The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, and the other one was “How the Grinch stole Christmas.” Those books were excellent and I’m sure the rest are too, His books help me practice reading aloud by using rhyming words and for children younger than myself they would make wonderful bedtime stories.

There are lots of thing you can learn from the Lorax, such as “stop and think of what your doing before you do it”, “don’t bite of more than you can chew” and lots of things just like that.

The Lorax is a wonderful book and Dr Seuss is a magnificent author. This is what I think of The Lorax.


Reviewed by:

Jess Cross, aged 9 1/2

Added 27th April 2015