“Anyone looking for a practical guide on the topic of leadership will find the information in the book eye-opening.”



This is not a mere book about leadership, but a guide to apply to every relationship: your job, you’re children, your marriage etc.

Not a boring topic, as many would expect, but a quick and intriguing read, in which the author explains his new approach through his personal experiences, through his failures and his wins as a leader.

I’ve read a tons of books on and about leadership for my degree when in college and this is just different. I love how this approach is so clear and easy to read. The tone of the book is like he’s sitting at a table, in front of you having a coffee.

The style is so clear and fluent that you read it almost like you were reading a romance, very captivating, far from the use of the big and complicated words that you’re used to seeing with books on this topic. I even love the very human approach and the humilty in the examples he gives of personal success and failures. I am being very sincere, I wasn’t expecting to read it so fast as English is not my native language.


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Added 27th May 2019