“they are imaginary tales . . . But real life is only one kind of life—there is also the life of the imagination.”- E.B. White


Charlotte’s web by E.B.White is one of the most popular children’s story of all time. This story tell about Wilbur the pig and his friendship with Fern Arable, the little girl who adopts him, and his barnyard friend but most importantly, Charlotte the spider.

This story relates to my life in the past until now. Ij a friendship I always help others as much as posible.  And try to be a good friends.
“control my self?”,”this is a matter of life and death, and you talk about controling my self.” I agreed when Fern said it was a matter of life and death. Because from this dialogue, it teaches us not to be selfish and think of others.
This story inspired me to become a good friend, full of love and wiling to sacrifice. And teach how to help friends in whatever way we should be able to help. Not to much but be meaningful.
I enjoyed this story so well because it really taught us how to make a friends, and the story is very good.

I think this story is very good , from this story I can learn many things. Learn how to be kind and perfect friends. And this story also inspired me a lot.
I recommend this book for those of you who love to read. this book will really inspire you, especially in a friendship. the story is very good.


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Added 22nd May 2020