“The Mister follows a hot rich British nobleman…who falls for a mysterious woman with a troubled past. Honestly, Fifty Shades can step to the left.”


Well it’s very different from 50 Shades! It’s a story of an illegal immigrant in London and The Mister she works for. They share a love of music, he has a grand piano she loves to play. He falls in love and tries to get her out of a huge mess she’s in.

It’s obvious she’s going to make this in to a series. This one has a bit of humour in it so hopefully there’s more of that in the next book. I bought it at the airport for the trip home and was pretty much finished by the time we got here.

In 50 Shades the story moved quickly whereas in this book the story drags at times, there’s lots of descriptions of house cleaning! He keeps secrets about his wealth and status and she keeps secrets about being an illegal with no passport.

She puts in some interesting side stories but then doesn’t finish them off. I confess I’m still wondering about the brother but someone else will have to write a review for the next book and tell me! Unless it’s a spoiler of course!

It’s hard to write about the story for 2 reasons, I don’t want to give anything away and I really don’t remember a whole lot! It really didn’t make much of an impression. I certainly won’t be buying the next in this series because I really regretted buying this one!  I’m not saying don’t read it but I’m saying it’s not the quality (and I use that term loosely!) of 50 Shades.

I hope people do read the book and enjoy it, but I can’t recommend it.


Reviewed by:

Heather Pryde

Added 7th June 2019