“A compelling story….Fans of “The Historian” have been waiting a long time for a new work from Kostova. They won’t be disappointed.”



This is the story of a young woman who leaves the US to go to Bulgaria to teach English at a school there. As soon as she arrives her adventure begins when she inadvertently takes a package from an older family she is helping into a taxi. The package contains an Urn of ashes. The story centers around her trying yo return the Urn to the family.

She gets the help of a taxi driver who will drive her all over Bulgaria by the time the story is finished. Of course, there are others who also want this Urn, so danger lurks everywhere. It isn’t too difficult to figure out the main components of the story. There might be one of two minor surprises, but the most significant aspects of the story shouldn’t come as a shock.

At 475 pages it is a little too long, but the story of what happened in the past is well told and very interesting. Not nearly as good as her big best seller The Historian, it is still an ok read. Just not a top notch effort.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 24th June 2017

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