“A majestic book. I do not know any other writer who can portray life in this way.”


Just finished Oh William by Elizabeth Strout. Audible Version.
Lucy Barton is back once again. She and William have divorced each and they both have remarried. William is once again divorced and Lucy has recently become a widow. A big surprise occurs when William invites Lucy on a trip and the bigger surprise is that Lucy accepts.

Throughout the book we learn about what drew Lucy and Walter together, and what drew them apart.The children are quite surprised by the arrangement, and of course they have an interest in how it will all turn out.

Their relationship is interesting and complex. The longer the book goes on, a feeling or true tenderness seems to be developing.

Every marriage has its complexities and when a marriage is analyzed by such a gifted writer, only then can all the surprising nuances come really to life,surprising everyone with its secrets and feelings.

Fans of the author will love this book.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 25th January 2022

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