“A story of family, of loving, belonging, believing and never letting go.”



How does one review a book that touches your heart and tugs at your soul?

This is a story of Melody, who falls and hits her head, following which she develops a strange syndrome, which causes her to break out into songs whenever she’s anxious and stressed.

This is a story of her teenage children, Rose and Flynn. Flynn, who sustained a serious injury to his face, when he went flying out of the windshield of the car being driven by his father, Dev, has to deal with bullying from his peers not only because of his permanently scarred and disfigured face, but also due to his wacko mum.

Rose too faces similar embarrassment while having to deal her mum’s condition, but she never could let go of her father disappearing. She has clung on to the hope that he will be found somewhere.

Yes, Dev just went missing one day – and no amount of searching could help trace him. The family ultimately concluded that he was dead.

And so they were living, this dysfunctional family of three, dealing with their own problems, their intricacies, their issues and they were coping…

Till Rose comes across a man, who resembles their father. His name is Tom Simmonds. And so this family of three will make one trip to find out if this is the man who apparently abandoned them.

This is a story of Tom – a man who you would relate to.
A man whose world was about to turn topsy-turvy.

A book full of warmth, a beautiful and poignant novel.

The story and the relationships amongst the protagonists are so heart-warming and real.

The essence of motherhood is captured oh-so-perfectly, the feelings, the sibling bonding, the hopes, the disappointments, the joy – this is a family saga.

A story of family, of loving, belonging, believing and never letting go.
The love story is what movies are made of – and it makes you want to believe in forever and happily ever after.

5/5 for me!

A must must read.


Reviewed by:

Rajini Sen

Added 21ts June 2018

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