“Dangerous criminals are no match for children and a dog. Adults are useless Country Life Always popular, always a favourite. And ALWAYS full of adventure.”



When I was a child I adored the Famous Five books and knew many of them word for word they had been read so many times. My childhood copies sadly didn’t survive so when I spotted Five on a Treasure Island in the charity shop a few months ago I picked it up, wondering if it would still hold the same magic now.

Five on a Treasure Island is the first in the series of books, the one where Dick, Julian and Ann meet Georgina (George, please. I shan’t answer to Georgina) and her lollopy dog, Timothy. I grabbed it off the shelf a few nights ago and read it through in one sitting in what was a surreal experience.

Having not read the book for thirty years, little bits would flit back to me as I was reading, but stranger were the memories of my childhood bedroom and other things that kept flickering through my mind. I was worried that as an adult I would think the writing was quite poor but it was as magical as it was as a child and I’m not ashamed to say I couldn’t put it down.

Even as an adult reader I found it pacy, thrilling, excited for what the next page would bring. The adventure carries through really well, even if you’re a grown up as you read about the five’s adventures on a local island that belongs to the family.

I’d love to reread the entire series and I’ll now be looking out for them at second hand shops so I can reread them all again!


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 28th December 2016

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