“A dazzling first adult novel from bestselling children’s author Colfer.”



Brilliant, loved it. Took a while to get into, was a bit of a shock to learn that Mr Colfer actually has a vile potty mouth, when you’ve been used to his Artemis Fowl series.

Just imagine a 7ft tall dragon, or more accurately a wyvern, wearing cargo shorts and a flashdance t-shirt, with a hankering for Vodka. That’s Vern. The story is set in the swamps near New Orleans with the ‘gators. He has a very small circle of acquaintances, but his world is about to explode, quite literally.

Throw into the mix a young boy who needs to make some cash, a very dirty cop, a slightly dodgy restaurant/bar owner and a very understanding mum and you have the recipe for a truly bizarre, yet hilariously fun story.

I see this being the start of another wonderful series. And I challenge anyone to read it without a New Orleans accent!


Reviewed by:

Amanda O’Dwyer

Added 14th May 2020

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